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School Messenger - Have you subscribed to get all the latest news from EPE??

Ongoing communication with our families is important to us.

Elk Island Public Schools uses School Messenger as one way of sharing information directly with our families by phone and email. Messages may include bus cancellations or delays, inclement weather, upcoming events, last-minute cancellations, parental engagement opportunities, emergency notices and more.

In order to ensure we comply with federal anti-spam legislation, parents/guardians are required to subscribe in order to receive routine emails from schools and the Division. Please note: Those who are not subscribed risk missing important information on activities and projects including school-based events, fundraising activities, musical or theatre productions, school photos, graduations, dances, etc. 
Regardless of whether you subscribe or not, you will continue to receive emergency messages, information about the online posting of school fees and, where applicable, high school student attendance notifications.
Manage your subscription preferences online or through the School Messenger app, available through the App Store or Google Play.

The first time you log in, select Sign Up in the top, right corner and create your account using the same email address on file with your child's school.

If you have questions about School Messenger or need help creating your account and managing your preferences, contact Mme Davidson at the office.  780-998-3741  or


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